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Hello Chroniclers!

It’s been a fun few weeks. Right now, it’s nighttime. I’m sitting here, enjoying a Hobgoblin, watching tv, and killing time until Duke’s dream feed. Libby is in bed, and the cats are looking slightly annoyed that I am keeping them awake. As a friend of mine would say, life is good in Send, Texas.

First off, we’ve all been pretty tired lately. Duke has started teething lately, and it’s been pitiful to see him cope with the pain. We do what we can to manage it, but he’s not been 100%. This is why there hasn’t been much of the way of communication lately… we’re knackered.

That being said, it is really such an exciting time in the life of Duke. It seems like every week we are watching him experience a number of firsts. The range of emotions that you feel when you see his first tooth, from excitement to ‘I’m going to miss that gummy smile’ is staggering. There are definite times where I feel like ‘I can’t wait for this to happen’ or ‘I can’t wait for him to do this’, but I never want to wish this time away from him. The sense of wonder and excitement and joy at the newness (it’s a real word… I’m sure of it) of it all is wonderful to see. IMG_1804

We haven’t been staying at home, though. In keeping with firsts, Duke experienced his first road trip! Our friends Tim and MC flew in for the week to visit with us. So what did we do? We went to Stonehenge!IMG_1692-0











He was obviously overwhelmed with excitement!

Next, we drove on down the road to Bath.

It was wonderful to see them. We had so much fun with them. I can’t wait to see them at Christmas time!


More excitement to come in the second post! In the meantime, we’re getting ready for HalloweenIMG_1695-0!


We hope you’re doing well!

Libby and Derek