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Hello Chroniclers!

So I thought I would start off with a history lesson today… Wait, wait… Hear me out before turning to the latest cute cat video!

100 years ago this month Britain declared war on Germany, as part of World War I. Not long after, America found itself involved in the ‘Great War’. Following WWI, America found itself in shock and coping with the upheaval to its world outlook. President Warren Harding in the next election ran on the campaign of ‘Return to Normalcy’.

He spoke of the need for “…not nostrums, but normalcy; not revolution, but restoration; not agitation, but adjustment; not surgery, but serenity.”

I think we have seen every part of that statement. We’ve had agitation, revolution, surgery (well, surgeries…)… The new car that I was so proud of…

Derek and the new Mini!

Derek and the new Mini!


Death of the Mini

Death of the Mini

Sleep? A thing of the past…

Thankfully, life is finally beginning to quiet down some. Latest sign of the times… I played golf for the first time in seven weeks! I played horribly, but I still played. Also, Libby went to her first hair appointment since before The Duke arrived.

Little by little, we’re defining our new normalcy. We’re learning The Duke’s noises, like which farts do we need to be worried about. We’ve been meeting regularly with our group of friends from the National Childcare Trust. The little routines that are so helpful to baby and ourselves are developing. Occasionally, we’ll even get to sit down to a hot meal. Sometimes, we get to sit down to eat together… at the same time! Now, it’s taking both of our efforts to make it happen, but we’ve even been adventurous enough to go out to dinner with friends a couple of times!

So as part of our emergence from the shell shock that is dealing with early parenthood, I’d like to assure you that we’re steadily gaining our sense of balance in our new life. We’ll be returning to our regular updates, and we look forward to getting back in touch with you again!