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Hello Chroniclers (I’m trying it out for a bit… let’s see if it sticks)!

Sorry for the delay in posting… I don’t want bother you too much with the excuses (busy, off sick, visitors), so it’s going to be hodgepodge of several events. Let’s just jump straight into it!

We’ve been having a fun week here in England! Last Monday, we went into London to go to a concert… The Airborne Toxic Event!

We were so excited! For those of you who were not at our wedding, they mean a lot to us. Libby walked down the aisle to the song above. Hearing them reminds us of not only our wedding, but all the preparations that went into it. We’ve made special trips to their concert in Austin and caught them in Houston. For me, it brings back memories of driving across the Rockies down to Vancouver in some of the prettiest countryside I’ve ever seen. All of these were special memories we had that were colored by their music. We absolutely love them.

One little side story about that night, there comes, from time to time, indications we’re definitely getting older… We used to be able to go out on a weekday night, party to all hours of the night, and then get up and do it again the next day. Now, that night as we were sitting in our balcony seat, we talked about how:

1) We really hoped the people in front of us don’t stand up, ‘cause we don’t feel like it.

2) If the concert doesn’t end by 11, we were out of there.

3) Drinking was out of the question, since £5 for a Corona was not going to cut it…

We were lucky enough to have Claire pop in on Wednesday on her way back to Tokyo. It was great fun having her over for the evening. We were able to talk for hours (well, at least Libby was… I barely made it to 11… I’m getting old), and it was so nice to catch up with her. We absolutely love visitors!

This weekend we went in to London to check out many of the sights and sounds that the girl from Libby’s design project would experience. We went to Hoxton Square, a trendy side of London, land of the hipsters. We walked around the neighbourhood of Shoreditch, and visited a car boot sale (flea market, for those of you back home) that sold a lot of vintage clothes. The pinnacle of the day, though, was visiting Five Guys Hamburgers. I think homesickness is setting in for us, because it didn’t even matter that we were standing in a line wrapped around the building, it was fantastic.

My PhotoNow, we’ve made several adjustments since moving over here. One thing we’ve learned since moving over here is that if you were to plan around the possibility of rain, you wouldn’t ever get anything done, and that’s the chance you take. This weekend was great case in point. Looking at the forecast for the weekend, it was showers all weekend long. Saturday we risked the weather and were rewarded with a gorgeous day. Traipsing around London was fantastic and very welcome (especially since we got lost… again… my lack of direction might have been involved in that). Sunday not so much… I’ve been going around trying to decide which golf course I wanted to join. Me and a co-worker went out to play. It rained… and rained… and rained. I actually was playing pretty well, but when we got to the 9th and found the cup was filled with water! Sometimes you get lucky… just not today.

Well, I’ve rambled on enough for now… We hope you’re doing well, and we’d love to hear from you!